A Little Bit About Me

Hello and welcome to my site! I love life and everything good that the world has to offer us. Im always looking for ways to save time and money. My blog is not necessarily about anything specific, just general life type stuff that I come across on a daily basis. I collect coupons, I ride my bike everywhere to save on emissions as well as to help keep myself fit. I am a big fan of hydroponics for grass and gardening. Anything I can do to help mother nature or people, Ill do it.

carrie dubberley

Im 24 years old and I live on my own. I know it can be difficult to make it on your own for the first time. Ill be talking about my life experiences and things that I have learned in the last 4 years while living on my own. I am single but I do have a dog, “Sparky” who keeps me company and keeps me sane. Its easy to get caught up in a fast paced world if you dont stop to smell the roses now and again. Please join me for my online journey as I try to share a bit about my life as I make mistakes, have bad days, find love or a great deal on something!